What to Write in a Baby Card

Writing a message in a baby card is a wonderful way to share your joy, love, and well wishes with the new parents or guardians. 

After all, the arrival of a newborn is a monumental event in anyone’s life, and choosing the right words can make your sentiment even more memorable.

But wait, are you confused on what you should write on that very card? 

Well, you are not alone, my friend. 

There are millions of others who need guidance on writing that perfect message and so in order to make things easy, here’s the perfect guide to help you get things sorted. 

What to Write in a Baby Card?

Depending on your relationship to the parents or the occasion (e.g., baby shower, birth announcement, baptism, first birthday), your message can range from heartwarming and sincere to humorous and playful.

Here are some things to consider and examples for each:

  1. Basic Congratulations:
    • “Congratulations on your new bundle of joy!”
    • “Warmest congratulations on the arrival of your sweet baby.”
    • “Wishing you all the best with your new little star.”
  1. Messages of Joy:
    • “Babies bring hope, happiness, and overwhelming love. Enjoy every moment.”
    • “Wishing you countless sleep-filled nights and endless baby giggles.”
    • “Here’s to the start of a beautiful journey filled with sweet memories.”
  1. Religious Messages:
    • “Blessings to you and your new angel from above.”
    • “May God’s blessings be upon your new baby, guiding and protecting every step they take.”
    • “A gift from heaven above, may your baby be forever blessed with God’s love.”
  1. First-time Parents:
    • “Welcome to the incredible world of parenting! This will be the greatest adventure of your life.”
    • “Your lives will now be filled with tiny socks and sleepless nights, but most importantly, endless love.”
    • “Every cry, every giggle, and every diaper change will be worth it. Congratulations to the new mommy and daddy!”
  1. For Baby Showers:
    • “Can’t wait to meet your little one!”
    • “Here’s to upcoming sleepless nights and unforgettable memories.”
    • “May your baby arrive healthy and bring a lifetime of happiness.”
  1. Humorous:
    • “Sleep is overrated anyway. Congratulations!”
    • “Welcome to the world of ‘Where did I put the pacifier?’ and ‘Is this chocolate or poop?'”
    • “Your life’s soundtrack will now include baby lullabies. Rock on, new parents!”
  1. Adoption:
    • “Family isn’t just about blood; it’s about love. Congratulations on your beautiful new addition!”
    • “The journey might have been long, but the love you’ll share will last forever.”
    • “Born in your heart, now held in your arms. Congratulations on your precious child!”
  1. Twins or Multiples:
    • “Double the giggles, double the grins. Congratulations on your twins!”
    • “Your love has multiplied, and so will the diapers!”
    • “Looks like you hit the baby jackpot! Congratulations on your multiples!”
  1. Encouragement:
    • “It might be overwhelming now, but remember, you’ve got this! We’re here for you every step of the way.”
    • “Embrace every moment, even the challenging ones. You’re going to be amazing parents.”
    • “Every baby cry means they’re learning and growing, and so are you.”
  1. Offering Help:
  • “Remember, it takes a village. Don’t hesitate to call if you need anything.”
  • “Whether it’s a diaper change or a night off, we’re here for you.”
  • “Can’t wait to babysit! Congratulations on your little miracle.”

When writing a baby card, the most important thing is to be genuine. Speak from the heart, and your message will be cherished by the recipients for years to come. If you’re including a gift, it might also be nice to mention it in the card, e.g., “Hope these little booties keep those tiny feet warm!”

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What to Write in a Baby Card for a Girl

  1. Welcome to the world, little princess! May your life be filled with joy and love.

  2. A beautiful baby girl is a joy forever. Congratulations!

  3. May your sweet little girl fill your life with sunshine and smiles. Best wishes!

  4. Wishing you and your baby girl a lifetime of happiness together.

  5. Congratulations on your new little angel! May she bring joy into your hearts.

  6. A baby girl is a miracle that never ceases to be miraculous. Enjoy every moment!

  7. Tiny fingers, tiny toes, big love that continually grows!

  8. May your darling daughter bring love, joy, and grace into your lives.

  9. Your new baby girl is a gift from above. Cherish her always.

  10. Congratulations on the arrival of your sweet baby girl! May she fill your hearts with endless love.

  11. Sending lots of love to the new little princess. Enjoy every single moment!

  12. Your home is filled with the laughter of a new little girl. Wishing you all the best!

  13. Your new baby girl is here, and she’s perfect! Congratulations on your little bundle of joy.

  14. May your little girl’s life be filled with hugs, kisses, and love. Welcome to the world!

  15. With a baby girl in the house, you’ll never be lonely or blue. Enjoy every precious moment!

  16. Wishing you a future filled with love, happiness, and laughter with your new baby girl.

  17. Here’s to the beginning of a wonderful journey with your new little daughter.

  18. Your beautiful baby girl will make the world a better place. Congratulations!

  19. May your family be blessed with love and joy from your adorable new daughter.

  20. A baby girl’s love is pure and true. Wishing you all the happiness in the world!

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What to Write in a Baby Card for a Boy

  1. Welcome to the world, little champ! May your journey be filled with adventure and joy.

  2. A baby boy is a blessing from above. Congratulations on your new arrival!

  3. May your little boy grow to be strong, kind, and wise. Best wishes!

  4. Tiny hands, tiny feet, there’s a new baby boy for you to meet!

  5. Your new baby boy is a miracle wrapped in love. Enjoy every precious moment.

  6. Congratulations on the birth of your handsome little man! May he fill your life with joy.

  7. Wishing your baby boy a life filled with discovery and happiness. Congrats!

  8. Here’s to a lifetime of love, laughter, and joy with your new baby boy.

  9. Your little prince has arrived, and he’s perfect in every way. Congratulations!

  10. May your baby boy’s life be filled with endless love and happiness. Welcome to the world!

  11. Sending warm wishes for your new little hero. Enjoy every moment!

  12. A new adventure begins with the arrival of your beautiful baby boy. Best wishes!

  13. Your baby boy is a treasure from above, showered with love and joy.

  14. May your little boy’s life be as bright and promising as the morning sun. Congratulations!

  15. Your family is now complete with the arrival of your precious baby boy. Wishing you all the best!

  16. With a baby boy in your arms, life’s journey just became more exciting.

  17. Here’s to a world filled with dreams come true for your wonderful new son.

  18. Your new baby boy will surely make your home full of joy and love. Congratulations!

  19. A baby boy is a little miracle that you’ll forever treasure. Enjoy every single moment!

  20. Your son is a promise that love, joy, and wonder will never cease. Congrats on the new addition!

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What to Write in a Baby Card for a Coworker

  1. Congratulations on the new addition! Wishing your family joy and happiness as your little one grows.

  2. Your new baby is sure to be as smart and talented as you are. Enjoy every precious moment!

  3. From your work family to your home family, congratulations on the arrival of your new bundle of joy!

  4. A new baby is like a fresh new project, full of discovery and fun. Best wishes to you and your family!

  5. May your new baby bring joy, love, and inspiration to your home. Congratulations from all of us!

  6. Wishing you success and happiness as you embark on the greatest project of all, parenthood!

  7. As you welcome a new life into your family, may you find balance, love, and joy. Congrats!

  8. Your family has gained a new member, and we’ve gained a new reason to celebrate you. Congratulations!

  9. Cheers to a new chapter! Your baby’s arrival is a joyous occasion that we’re thrilled to celebrate with you.

  10. Your little one is lucky to have you as a parent. Wishing you and your family endless happiness and love.

  11. From meetings and deadlines to diapers and feedings, here’s to new adventures! Congrats!

  12. May your family enjoy all the love and joy that a new baby brings. Congratulations from your colleagues!

  13. Your new baby is a blessing that will fill your home with joy. Wishing you all the best!

  14. From one hard worker to another, welcome to the job of parenthood! Congrats on your new addition!

  15. Just like your work projects, your new baby is sure to be a success story. Best wishes!

  16. The office won’t be the same without your glowing smile. Enjoy your time with your beautiful new baby!

  17. Teamwork makes the dream work, and your family team just gained a new member. Congratulations!

  18. Wishing you all the love, joy, and happiness that a new baby brings. Enjoy every moment!

  19. Your new role as a parent is sure to be the most rewarding project yet. Congratulations!

  20. May your family be filled with laughter, love, and countless happy memories. Congrats from all of us!

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What to Write in a Baby Card for Twins

  1. Double the joy, double the love! Congratulations on your two new blessings.

  2. Two new arrivals mean twice the happiness! Wishing your family all the best.

  3. May your home be filled with double the laughter and joy with your beautiful twins.

  4. Twins are a blessing that brings twice the warmth and love. Congratulations!

  5. From one heart to two, your love has multiplied. Congrats on your adorable twins!

  6. Two sets of hands, two sets of eyes, double the love under the skies. Congratulations!

  7. Your family has grown by four feet and two hearts. Congrats on your beautiful twins!

  8. Wishing you all the joy that two little ones can bring. Congratulations on your twins!

  9. With twins, life is never dull and love is always double. Enjoy every precious moment!

  10. Two miracles, one remarkable journey. Wishing you endless joy with your twins!

  11. May your twins fill your home with double the blessings and love. Congratulations!

  12. You’ve been blessed with not one, but two bundles of joy. Enjoy every moment!

  13. Twins are a special blessing that come in pairs. Congratulations on your new additions!

  14. Two little blessings, sent from above. Double the smiles, double the love!

  15. Wishing you all the strength, joy, and love as you welcome two into your lives. Congratulations!

  16. Your twins will bring twice the joy, twice the fun, and twice the love to your family.

  17. Two hearts beating as one has now become two little ones to love. Congrats on the twins!

  18. Just like you, your twins are one of a kind, but double the fun. Congratulations!

  19. Your love has blossomed into two beautiful new lives. Congratulations on your twins!

  20. A new adventure begins with two times the joy, love, and cuddles. Enjoy your wonderful twins!

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What to Write in a Baby Card [Funny Messages]

  1. Congratulations on your new alarm clock! Who needs sleep anyway?

  2. Welcome to the world of parenting! Terms and conditions do not apply.

  3. They say babies are bundles of joy, but why do they never come with gift receipts? Congrats!

  4. Two words for your new baby: “Daddy’s Wallet.” Congrats on your adorable investment!

  5. Your new baby looks just like you! But let’s hope they grow out of it. Congratulations!

  6. You know what’s better than hearing a baby giggle? Sleep. Sleep is better. Congrats anyway!

  7. Diapers and feedings and burps, oh my! Welcome to the wild ride of parenthood!

  8. Congratulations on your new boss! They’re small, loud, and run on milk.

  9. Enjoy your new little one! Your hobbies now include sleep deprivation and changing diapers.

  10. Here’s to sleepless nights, dirty diapers, and a lifetime of unconditional love (and laundry). Congrats!

  11. You’ll now experience a love like no other and a scent like no other. Welcome to the world of baby diapers!

  12. You’ll make great parents! Just don’t mix the baby up with the laundry.

  13. Your new baby is adorable and has your eyes! Let’s hope they give them back soon. Congrats!

  14. Parenting: the only job where the boss wakes you up every two hours! Enjoy!

  15. They say silence is golden, but with a new baby, silence is suspicious. Congrats!

  16. Congratulations! Your new baby has arrived! The warranty, however, has been misplaced.

  17. Your baby’s got the best genes ever. Well, 50% of them at least. Congrats!

  18. Now that you have a baby, you can officially blame your lateness on them. Enjoy the new excuse!

  19. Congratulations on your bundle of joy! Enjoy it before they become a bundle of energy!

  20. A new baby is like a new car: adorable, expensive, and you’ll be up all night worrying about dings. Congrats!

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