What to Write in a Wedding Card When Giving Money

Attending a wedding is a joyous occasion filled with love, happiness, and the celebration of two people embarking on a lifelong journey together. One common dilemma guests often face is deciding on the perfect wedding gift. 

While traditional gifts like kitchen appliances, home decor, or personalized items are always appreciated, it’s becoming increasingly common for guests to opt for monetary gifts. The sentiment behind giving money is to provide the newlyweds with the freedom to choose something meaningful or contribute to their future plans. 

However, figuring out what to write in a wedding card when giving money can be a bit challenging. 

But don’t you worry because in this blog post, we’ll guide you through crafting a heartfelt message that expresses your well wishes and captures the essence of your relationship with the couple, ensuring your wedding card stands out and brings a smile to their faces.

Best Messages

  1. “May this contribution help start your journey together on a beautiful note. Best wishes for your wedding.”

  2. “We wish we could give you the world, but for now, we hope this helps you build your dreams together. Congratulations on your marriage!”

  3. “The gift of love is priceless, but here’s a little something to celebrate your forever. Congratulations!”

  4. “Just a small contribution to the nest you’re building together. Best wishes for a happy future.”

  5. “As you embark on this beautiful journey, we hope this small gift helps you in creating countless memories.”

  6. “We couldn’t decide what would be the perfect gift for such a lovely couple, so we thought a small monetary gift would allow you to choose. Congratulations!”

  7. “Just a little something to help you settle into your happily ever after. Warm wishes to both of you.”

  8. “May this humble contribution find its way to something you both love and cherish. Best wishes on your nuptials!”

  9. “This is not just a gift, but a small piece of our love and best wishes from your bridesmaid. Happy wedding!”

  10. “A small token of love from us, to help you build your world together. Warmest wishes for your wedding.”

  11. “Here’s a little gift towards your first adventure as a married couple. Congratulations on your wedding.”

  12. “We hope this contribution makes your dream honeymoon a reality. Congrats to the lovely couple!”

  13. “May this monetary gift help you add a little more sparkle to your life together. Best wishes on your special day.”

  14. “This isn’t just money, it’s a small part of the many beautiful moments we hope you experience together. Congratulations!”

  15. “As you both step into a new life, here’s something to help you make it even more beautiful. Happy wedding!”

  16. “Just a little something to show our love for you and to help you start this exciting journey together.”

  17. “We wanted to gift you something that could contribute to your life together. Congratulations on your marriage.”

  18. “In lieu of a physical gift, we thought a little cash might help you start your life together. Congratulations and best wishes.”

  19. “Just a small token towards creating your forever home. Congratulations on your wedding!”

  20. “May this little gift help in creating a world of happiness for both of you. Warmest wishes on your marriage.”

  21. “Here’s something to add to your honeymoon fund. May your life be filled with journeys as beautiful as your love.”

  22. “A little contribution to your first family dinner or maybe the next date night? Happy wedding!”

  23. “A humble contribution to help you start your life together. Cheers to a wonderful life ahead.”

  24. “May this gift contribute to the love and happiness you two share. Congratulations on your wedding.”

  25. “This is to help you both make wonderful memories in your journey together. Wishing you all the happiness.”

  26. “A little extra to fund your dreams together. Congratulations on your wedding!”

  27. “We hope this small contribution helps make your honeymoon even more special. Best wishes for your married life.”

  28. “May this gift bring you joy and assist in creating beautiful moments together. Happy wedding!”

  29. “Here’s to adding a few more treasures to your life together. Congratulations on your special day.”

  30. “May this little monetary gift be a contribution to the wonderful life you two are about to start.”

  31. “A small token towards your first shared adventure. Best wishes on your marriage.”

  32. “We wish this gift helps to fund the many lovely moments you’re about to share. Congratulations on your wedding.”

  33. “This gift comes with all our love and best wishes for a beautiful life together.”

  34. “Here’s a small contribution for your life together, filled with love and laughter. Congratulations!”

  35. “May this gift help to start your journey together on a lovely note. Best wishes on your wedding.”

  36. “A little something to help you make memories that will last a lifetime. Congratulations!”

  37. “May this gift serve as a token of our best wishes for a wonderful life together. Happy wedding!”

  38. “Here’s a little something to help you start your new journey together. Wishing you a lifetime of happiness.”

  39. “This is a small token of our love for you, as you embark on this beautiful journey together.”

  40. “We hope this gift will add a little extra happiness to your new life together. Congratulations!”

  41. “A small contribution to help you start your life together on the right foot. Best wishes for your wedding.”

  42. “Just a token towards making your shared dreams come true. Congratulations on your marriage.”

  43. “Here’s a little something to help you two create your dream life together. Forever be a student of life and grow together”

  44. “A token to help you build your dreams together. Wishing you the happiest married life.”

  45. “May this gift help you two to create a thousand beautiful memories together. Warmest congratulations.”

  46. “Here’s a small gesture to help you start the amazing journey of marriage. Best wishes!”

  47. “A small contribution towards your future endeavors together. Wishing you the happiest married life.”

  48. “Here’s something to add to the canvas of your beautiful life together. Congratulations!”

  49. “From the Bachelorette to the Wedding, here we are. Hope this small contribution can add a bit of extra shine to your new journey together.”

  50. “Just a small token towards building your love nest together. Wishing you the happiest life together.”

Funny Messages

  1. “Here’s a small contribution towards your new vacation. Or pizza. Lots of pizza.”

  2. “Betting you’ll use this for a fancy dinner. My only request is you name the main course after me!”

  3. “Just helping you along with your ‘happily ever after’ fund!”

  4. “Money doesn’t grow on trees, they said. They didn’t know I was going to your wedding.”

  5. “Wishing you a lifetime of love, laughter, and only small, manageable mortgages.”

  6. “Invest this wisely. Remember, too many pets are not a wise investment since you are going to already have one at home now”

  7. “Here’s to your honeymoon. May it be filled with exotic locations, breathtaking views, and less-than-exotic room service bills!”

  8. “Hopefully, this gets you two closer to owning a yacht. I expect an invitation.”

  9. “Congratulations! Here’s a small down payment on your future castle.”

  10. “May this small gift help you begin your journey of annoying each other in more luxurious settings.”

  11. “Instead of giving you a toaster, I thought cash would be a more ‘toasty’ option!”

  12. “Use this to start your very own dragon hoard. Remember, dragons don’t share.”

  13. “Hoping this helps you afford a robot butler. You can thank me later!”

  14. “Towards your shared life goals. Like that king-sized chocolate fountain you’ve always dreamed of.”

  15. “Here’s a small contribution to the ‘Midnight Snack Run’ Fund. Never underestimate its importance.”

  16. “Add this to your ‘Couples Matching Outfits’ piggy bank!”

  17. “Use this on anything you want, except bad take-out. You deserve only the best take-out.”

  18. “May this fund the creation of your very retirement corpus.”

  19. “In case the wedding cake isn’t enough, this should cover a lifetime supply of desserts.”

  20. “If you ever want to escape from each other for a bit, this should cover a spa day… or two.”

  21. “For all the post-wedding pizza your hearts desire!”

  22. “Here’s a little something for those random road trips you two will surely take.”

  23. “This is for your future pet – I vote for a teacup pig.”

  24. “Consider this your first ‘Get out of Chores Free’ card!”

  25. “This little gift should move you closer to becoming proud homeowners… of a private island! Relax. It’s not a brick but something can buy you lots of it”

  26. “No return gift necessary – just name your first goldfish after me.”

  27. “Take this as seed money for your future vineyard. I’ll be waiting for my bottle of wine.”

  28. “Now you’re a step closer to your dream of swimming in a pool of money like Scrooge McDuck.”

  29. “Since you have already cast your love on each other, I thought money might be the next best thing.”

  30. “Here’s to getting one step closer to adopting that baby elephant!”

  31. “Congratulations! I didn’t know what to get you so I thought I’d chip in to the ‘Fancy Hat Fund’.”

  32. “This should cover at least one overpriced movie theater popcorn!”

  33. “Wishing you both all the love in the world and enough money for a decent coffee machine.”

  34. “Money can’t buy love, but it can buy a pretty awesome wedding present.”

  35. “If you use this to buy a unicorn, I want a ride.”

  36. “Use this to spruce up your new love nest… or to hire a professional organizer when needed.”

  37. “Here’s to you both, and here’s to your dream of opening a small cat sanctuary.”

  38. “I hope this gets you closer to your couple’s space voyage! Remember me when you’re on Mars.”

  39. “This should help build your indoor jungle. May your love and plants grow together.”

  40. “Invest this in the stock market or buy 100 lottery tickets, either way, may the odds be ever in your favor.”

  41. “Love makes the world go round, but a couple of bucks here and there sure helps!”

  42. “Buy something utterly impractical and fabulous!”

  43. “This might not buy a private jet, but it’s a start. Enjoy your journey together!”

  44. “For those moments when you can’t decide what to eat – here’s to many fancy dinners!”

  45. “Add this to your emergency fund. Every couple needs one when they run out of ice cream.”

  46. “Because every newlywed couple needs funds for a late-night taco run.”

  47. “This should cover a lifetime supply of your favorite candy. Sharing is optional.”

  48. “This should get you closer to your own reality TV show. Can’t wait to watch ‘Keeping up with the [Your Last Name]’.”

  49. “May this bring you a step closer to your dream of owning a library as grand as Belle’s.”

  50. “For the ‘Pampering After Wedding Stress’ day you both deserve.”